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     Our Charity of Choice for Fall 2019

McMan Calgary and Area is a responsive and innovative organization making a dfference in the lives of over 2,500 vulnerable children, youths and adults yearly. We support youth and families with complex needs that can include mental health issues, addiction, homelessness, poverty and disability by providing them with all the services and supports they need to thrive.  As a fundamental practice across all McMan services, we work with those we serve to help them maintain and grow relationships that can extend beyond our professional support- lifelong connections that canhelp people sustain, and build on, their strenghts and new skills.


Charity Requirements:

  • Local organization with non-profit/charitable status plus registered number;
  • Charity Coordinator to organize volunteers to stuff our 3,000 Swag Bags
  • 20-30 Guaranteed Volunteers for Friday Swag Bag stuffing (recommend 2, 3 hour shifts);
  • Volunteers to hand out swag bags & show guides to attendees during show hours Saturday & Sunday.
  • Charity staff/volunteers to set-up and tear-down booth as well as man booth over 2 day Show; and
  • Logo & Bio: We require a high-resolution logo to promote your organization as well as the content you’d like to appear on our website & Show Guide. 

The Baby & Tot Show to provide:

  • 10x10 fully equipped, carpeted booth with an 8’ skirted table and 2 chairs (value $1575)
  • $400 Donation
  • Marketing Campaign - valued at thousands of dollars
  • Awareness – logo inclusion on CBT website with details on your organization plus link to your website. 
  • Show Guide Recognition - logo inclusion with a description of your charity.
  • Show Signage – poster for your booth indicating you’re our Charity of Choice;
  • Social Media – announcement as our Charity of Choice to our FaceBook audience of over 6,400





A NEW  Arts and Crafts Feature offered this Fall

"Upcycling is Fun!!!" 

Make sure to stop by booth 319 and 321 where you can build your own piece of recycled art to take home with you. Workshop opens at 11:00 a.m. on Satuday and Sunday!


   At the Calgary Baby and Tot Show we are taking on a new direction in decor for the production. We realize that children love the beautiful balloon arches and towers that add color and life to the show but they have a negative impact on our environment when the show is over. They are not recyclable and end up in a landfill for MANY years.
This show you will notice fewer balloons and in addition you will see "toppers"on some of the signage, these have been designed especially for the Calgary Baby and Tot Show by Elizabeth, owner and founder of Ciclomanias. They can either be used next show or recycled after this event therefore reducing our footprint.
See below a portion of their Production process and check out the website to learn more. We all can make an impact in a positive way if we are aware of choices.               
"We produce environmentally friendly hand-crafted goods. All of our products are made from post-consumer materials such as corrugated cardboard and plastic bottles, which we recycle and transform into a wide variety of decorative and useful products" 
"The unique pieces of art that we produce are elaborated by a passionate, artistic and energetic team. Ciclomanías has had the opportunity to employ people from different vulnerable sectors, such as immigrants, single moms, and indigenous people. In addition to this social empowerment, Ciclomanías works hard to reduce its ecological footprint, including environmental impacts associated with the manufacture of these Art and crafts as well as with its final disposal."Ciclomanias_250-x-250-0001.jpg



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